As we have seen coffee and the consumer’s relationship to this liquid wonder of the world, we have asked ourselves this question: Is coffee a ritual or an experience? Our answer after much research is both. 

Sure, millions of people have built their daily routines on wake up, coffee. teeth. shower. clothes, Coffee again, then off to work and/or whatever else people do with their days.

Once coffee houses started Densely populating in virtually every area of the country like how Walgreens are on every corner or even how McDonald’s are a mile apart, we started seeing coffee as less of a morning only ritual, a need, to becoming more of an experience. A social gathering, a meeting, a study group, a weird first date. Whatever the reason, it’s a great excuse to consume more coffee for social interactions

After further investigation we had to ask ourselves the million-dollar question, what market is the driving force in this massive consumption of coffee and how do we fit? Who is our target market? Who do we want to serve? Answer: YOU

After digging deeper, we did find out some cool stuff about millennials vs Boomers and while we went pretty deep into generational studies, we will scratch the surface here for your reading pleasure with some fun, let’s call them, 

” behaviors” of each generation we are looking at here. 

Millennials are all about the environment and flex time at work (which explains a lot of the free time to hang out in these coffee houses) but Millennial’s as a whole will not spend money on material items as much as on a vacation or an experience. Making memories and being sure to document them all on social media, they are the generation every product would love to find favor with. This is why if you polled coffee enthusiasts, I’ll bet you a quarter the ones making their morning coffee with a French press or using a stunning pour over method with a chemex are not the ones picking up their kids or grandkids from soccer later that day. They are millennials enjoying life and finding their coffee an occasion to celebrate the glorious day they will shortly embark on. I guess if we are lucky, and you are a millennial reading this article, we may have our Dardanelo beans featured in your morning social post about how you just made the greatest coffee ever. (It is great and thanks in advance for the social plug, call me for a discount on your next purchase:)

While a Boomer is still used to working outside the home ad being on the go and although mostly retired with tons of time on their hands, they will still typically choose convenience over any time-wasting activity like a 4-minute wait on the French press. This generation is almost single handedly responsible for the some 40% of American households with Kuerig single serve coffee machines. We also recognize that this generation finds coffee and the ritual a must have and the most consistent base of coffee drinkers there are. We are not saying a Boomer doesn’t love a good experience but merely you may not an experience out of them (or even a hello) if they haven’t had their coffee.

Listen Boomers we love you too and are happy to have you enjoying Dardanelo in any form K-Cup to Chemex. 

So in short, whether your coffee a ritual or an experience, we would love for you to share them with us. email us a picture of you enjoying Dardanelo and we will send you a cup of coffee……till next time, Good Days start with coffee and you!