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Dardanelo has come so far since 1958. While holding on to our valuable traditions and the very creed we were founded on, we continue to create value added features that you can experience right at your breakfast table.

At Dardanelo we practice fair trade with our employees and truly care about their lives and their families. Our collectors join us during our 2 harvests per year and receive compensation based on high market value.

We are a Rainforest Farm with over 12 species of native trees that we respect and care for.

There is so much pride in our water practices at the farm of Dardanelo. We ensure good water management after a cleaning process is complete.

Once a coffee plant is carefully placed in the ground it takes 18 months to produce a bean. The beans go from green, to yellow, and then to red.

Each plant has a life span of about 5 short years to produce great coffee at the highest quality. At Dardanelo we grow our own seeds and we purchase some plants from our local certified nursery, and both are used to produce our harvests

Once the coffee is collected we dry the coffee naturally with the sun. It is then taken to a state of the art roasting facility. Roasted, packaged, and then brought here to the states right to your table.

Thank you for supporting us and our family’s passion of making great artisanal coffee. At Dardanelo we know that good days start with coffee and You!

A letter from our owner

As a boy, I can remember waking up early with my grandfather and tending to the crops. We would have breakfast and coffee before anyone else was awake. There he taught me how to carefully identify the perfect beans from the rest. As we sifted through our beautiful harvest, he explained the importance of integrity in life and the importance of having pride in our product and never compromising the perfection of the coffee that we could share with the world.

As a man I am honored to carry on the traditions ingrained in me by my father and my grandfather, and feel pride in every sip of coffee I want to share with you.

Our hope is that you make memories with your family while enjoying a very special cup of coffee from our farm to your home. Thank you for choosing Dardanelo and treating the experience of having your morning cup as an occasion. We remember to give thanks, give back, and that every good day starts with coffee and you!

Best Wishes,



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